Chapter 6: In chapter six a man falls from the sky in a parachute he is dead as he falls almost puppet like. He gets tangled in a tree on the mountain and each time the wind blows he flows with the wind, like it is controlling him. ” a figure that hung with dangling […]

Chapter 7: in chapter 7 everyone starts to gang up on Robert. Jack says “make a ring” everyone circles round Robert and they all start trying to hurt him with their spears. Jack grabbed his hair. They chanted ‘kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!’ Ralph was overwhelmed with the […]

How does the writer use nature to present symbols. The speaker uses nature in ITOT to show how the woman is feeling towards with a man. However she is trying to be descreet about it to keep her ladylike status. She also uses nature to describe her desires sexually once again trying to be descreet. […]

text: me: sup bro friend: hey man hows it going me: good man hbu friend: yeh not to bad wud me: just chillin on xbox hbu friend:just out me: what are your plans for the weekend friend: nothing much hbu me: just eat a lot and sleep a lot friend: cool any way gotta go […]

Ralph blows the conch to call a meeting to re endorse the rules and to tell the people that there are no beasts , jack re assures the fact “

It was late at night and as he walked steadily through the street the fog rose over the sky clipping the tree tops. He carried on walking through the park and as he did something rustled in the misty surrounding but as he looked around there was nothing and the noise had stopped.

I believe that different aspects of technology is destroying the English language, however other aspects show that in ways it improves the way we talk to each other using technology. I agree that there are different parts of technology that destroy the English language in different way. One way is texting slang like u – […]

How pathetic fallacy is is used over 3 types of gothic texts Pathetic fallacy is when the weather matches the mood of the setting or character. The 3 gothic texts I will be looking at pathetic fallacy is Click clack the rattle bag, Frankenstein and Jekyll and Hyde. In Jekyll and Hyde pathetic fallacy is […]

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